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ALPHA Class of 2015

BUILDERS Summit - Dublin, Ireland


November 3rd BUILDERS Booth B204

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Right now, we are getting a ton of feedback and information regarding our WebSummit ALPHA Booth - B204. We would love to hear from you. Click 'Connect' and choose a time for a one-on-one discussion with our Founder. As part of your confirmation you will receive a link to our prospectus. We have many different options for growth & investment opportunitites. We are working to prepare a great booth, a great product and the best home helper you can find. Connect with us and learn more on how Fiji can help you.

Fiji is here to help, and so is Fiji | Team. Just say "Hey Fiji"

Explore and find out more on Fiji

There is a lot to Fiji. In short she's a virtual home helper system. An App & Device that will assist you with everyday tasks around the house. Your home can help you by your speech, your gestures, with motion or a mobile app. Fiji is smart, friendly, & helpful to you at home or while you are away. Just say: "Hey Fiji" With remote access controls and a slew of other features everyone wants to have in their home. Click the button above to Explore how Fiji or Fiji | Team can help you.

What if your home helped you... With Fiji, it can!

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Want to help contribute to making Fiji happen. Check out our Kickstarter and pledge your support. With various pledge rewards, you will have the opportunities for not only your very own Fiji, but one completely you! You choose your reward. With choices of your very own color, what you call Fiji to make it respond and a ton of other perks, you can help create something for yourself. To give yourself a Smart Home that is fun, fast, easy and helpful. With your voice, with gestures, motion or a mobile application you can control your home, while there or away. Make your pledge today, quanties for initial pledges are limited. The future is now, and you can be a part of it.

How about a Fiji for your home in February? Make a pledge & we'll work that out!