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Word from our founder

After 4 years of development and over 800+ checkins we have undergone focus groups currently in ALPHA testing. Our primary goal right now is preparing our installation media, systems & processes for an invitation only BETA trial. The BETA trial should be scaleable, smart and easy to setup. This BETA effort will help us coordinate, improve and ready our systems, processes and Fiji itself through the forms of feedforward, feedback and bug fixes found in the field through real world in home testing. This will help us provide the most fun, reliable & scalable Windows home automation product anywhere in the world. We are implementing the newest development technology and hardware across our entire company & development process. From the software we use to develop Fiji, to the hardware we run it on, to the hardware we deploy it to and the software that works with it. It's all newest technology with better systems, patterns and practices. We maintain that Fiji is the most advanced automated home application on the planet. With speech recognition, gesture and motion detection in addition to full motion video with high resolution to just name a few of the features, you can now control and monitor your home while at the residence or while away. We want to put tools in your hands of everyday folks as well as developers to allow you to customize Fiji. You can make Fiji respond with what you what it to say, you can customize what makes FIji respond. The possibilities are limitless with the number of customizable features we have built in already and ever growing.

But were not done there!!! I acknowledge, that Fiji isn't perfect. Just like us in a way. But instead of being bothered we are going to look to you, the resident, the home owner or the guest to help customize Fiji or tell us what to add next to your suit your needs, or the needs of the household. Tell us what features you want to see and we will work as we always have with passion and excitement of making a home more than walls and doors. More than just Windows. ;) I cant tell you that Fiji is perfect. Because it's not, nor will it ever be, perfect. What I can tell you for sure, is that we will try to make Fiji available to you 24/7, customizable for you and your home, and everyday, rain or shine, it will try to be helpful to you and your home. Fiji is electronic. It will not tire, it will not complain, it will be ready at a moments notice to help you with the mundane and keep you focusing on more important daily details.

Just say "Hey Fiji"

From there with your voice, gestures, motion or with an app you can perform countless features in your home that I just don't want to spoil here before the big reveal. Our mobile application companion, combined with a cross device application running on Windows, can perform functions in your house while your home or away.

Fiji was years of hard work to get to this point, but we're not stopping here! To be fair, we have no idea when we will stop doing our best to add more features, make existing ones better, faster, smarter and be more helpful to you while you are in the home or while away.

There are tons of products Fiji interacts with and a growing list. We cant wait to roll things out and show you all of what she can do. In the mean time please stay tuned for more posts next week... Maybe we'll have ourselves a countdown. Then it's going to be very busy, but very exciting times.

About Our Inventor: Matthew James Vandergrift MCTS

He is currently a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, who tells us he is in the process of becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional once he gets the BETA off the ground. :)

He is a 15+ year Windows development veteran who loves to code, create new things with his hands, and uses his creativity for ideas and solutions. As a boy he was tested several times with a mean IQ of 143.

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