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Home Helper

What if your home helped you? Your home can help you by your speech, your gestures, with motion or a mobile app. Fiji is smart, friendly, & helpful to you at home or while you are away. Just say: "Hey Fiji"

TV, PC & Game Console App

Fiji can run on an HDMI TV, a Windows PC and/or an Xbox One game console. With Windows 10 were able to run on many types of devices across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

Windows Universal App

Fiji was first intended to run on Windows platforms and Windows devices. With Windows 10 we can target more devices and more consumers than ever before.


Our Services In Development

iOS Development

Plans include an iOS App because we know tons of folks have them and we want Fiji to help them too. We started out with an opportunity we didn't want to miss out on with Windows 10 and will continue to grow and cross over to other platforms.

Android Development

That same outlook on the future holds true for Android development. There's no mistaken the reaches of the Android OS and Linux distributions in particular. Our creator and developers are working to expand tools to make Fiji cross over to Android & Linux as well.


Our vision is to extend Fiji to not just a Home Helper App, but we hope to bring home automation products together and help ever growing people with ever growing and changing needs. Great for DIY consumers, home builders and third party companies looking to get into the connected home technologies market.

Home Helper

Beautiful, simple and easy to use!

Helpful home

Your home can help you, just say "Hey Fiji".

Growing Features

Fiji is growing in new ways everyday. Participate in the BETA and help shape the helpful home.

Energy Saving.

Utilizing some of Fijis features can help make you the highest energy saving home in your area.

Friendly Companion.

Fiji wont replace real people, but Fiji can automate more, for less, with a friendly voice and a helping understanding of things you like.

Automate your home with your voice, or on the go with the Fiji App!

Just say "Hey Fiji"

Our focus is on You and the features You want!!

Majority Rules

If enough requests are made or enough voices call out for something in particular,
those features will be what we work on! - The Fiji Team

Almost everything is customizable

Fiji has over 40 features with 400 settings,
that allow you to customize how Fiji functions.

Peace of Mind

Having access & control of your home while your away,
or while your winding down in bed, is a wonderful thing.

And So Much More!!!

Fiji has a ton of home automation functions and is evolving with feedback.

About Us

HomeAide Pi

We're Creative

To make a talking house, make it work with lots of things around the house, and make it help you out in a fun fresh way takes tons of creativity and drive. We're using our creativity to invent new fun, fast and easy ways to help you perform the mundane that daily tasks require.

As a smart but small shop we can prioritize and execute quickly to add new features almost daily.

We're Professional

Our inventor and head developer is a 15+ year MCTS Windows Developer. We have a lawyer on staff to consult on contracts as well as protecting intellectual property in addition to busy developers and technicians who know their stuff! We have worked in demanding fields like financial, agricultural, petroleum/cstore as well as governmental regulation and medicine, where the consequence of even the slightest mistake is large and looming.

We're getting good results

In our first several sets of test homes, our clients as well as employees and members of our families in our own homes are having overwhelmingly positive results. From kids to adults of all ages, people like us, and Im sure even people like yourself will find Fiji helpful, fun and rewarding to interact with while helping you out.


Happy Clients


Check-ins committed.

99 %

Positive feedback


Years of Development


Our Tools

  Windows 10

We began with a simple goal, the entire Modern Microsoft ecosystem! ;) We are accomplishing this goal and vision through Windows 10.

It also runs on Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 as well, so its not 100% Windows 10 ;)

  Visual Studio

Current development is being completed in Visual Studio 2015 with C# .NET 4.6 & HTML5.

Our head developer has 15+ Years Professional Working Experience with Visual Studio. Combined we have 23+ Years Professional Working Experience with Visual Studio.


  Modern Dev

M.C.T.S Senior Web Application Developer on staff doing most of the heavy lifting in archtiecture, design & code. We are implementing modern design patterns, service oriented architectures and frameworks across the entire system.

Fiji | Team is using an Agile SDLC to allow us to provide quicker bug fixes and upgrades to our products.


Completely dedicated to success, and creating a world class solution for your Home.

It is our goal to delight and improve the lives of our family, friends, associates & customers with our advanced Home Helper.

Our Team


Matt Vandergrift M.C.T.S

Chairman & CEO
Inventor / Developer / Founder

Vandy is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, in the process of becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. He has been developing client, server & web applications for over 15+ years. Fluent software engineering includes .NET, C#, VB.NET, TFS, WebApi 2, MVC, OAuth2, SSIS, SSRS, ASP.NET, XML, XAML, SAML, AJAX & JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, VB6, BASIC, C++, C


J. Wesley Fox J.D.

Legal Consultant

Fox has six years experience helping startup companies that need legal advice but cannot afford the huge retainer of a business law firm. Prior experience includes working with biotech startups, music record labels and an e-publishing company. He received his Juris Doctorate from DePaul University College of Law. Fox has a wonderful sense of timing & valuable insight with start-ups made him an indispensible founding member.

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*Participation in the BETA is determined by availability of slots. (7 slots remaining)
Changes in appearence and/or function of Fiji will be evolving throughout the BETA.
Active feedback and participation may extend trial periods.
Extended trial periods may rollover into releases and potentially lifetime updates or upgrades.
A feedback tool is available in the Companion app to gain Points[1].
[1] Points can be accrued toward Stories[2].
[2] Stories submitted through the Companion App and are prioritized after Bug(s)[3].
[3] Bug(s) will be prioritized first & Updates[4] to the Apps may need to be accepted by you for participation to continue.
[4] Updates to the system will come when new Stories or Bug Fixes are added.

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