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Blue Buzz
Reminds you when you forget your iPhone. Simple & nag free based on simple settings you can choose!

No need for bluetooth range calibration and complicated or repeated setups like other apps.
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BLUE BUZZ lets you get...
No Nag System ™ Reminds you when you want, doesn't when your iPhone is close or comes back in range.
Old nagging alerts are thing of the past.
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For Apple Watch paired with an iPhone.
Requires: Internet and Location Services: Enabled
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World's first Apple Watch iPhone distance alert.
Your Apple Watch and iPhone combined together with cloud processing can alert you when they are too far apart from each other. Several settings can be adjusted in the iPhone app to better suit you and your environment.
If you have your watch on almost all of the time, choose "Always Allow" for location services to always be able to tell you the moment your phone and watch are too far from each other
One App, Many Components
Welcome to Blue Buzz
Start the BLUE BUZZ watch app and then use the crown to send it into the background. Choosing "Always Allow" will allow BlueBuzz to run in the background. Just in case your Apple Watch and iPhone get too far apart.
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With the No Nag Alert ™ system BLUE BUZZ will remind you when it counts, sit in the background quietly, using the least amount of location data to help you keep tabs on the things.
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Shows you what you care about and also helps you keep it close. With various settings available in the BLUE BUZZ app you can choose how to custom fit it to your environment.
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Sync Settings with Ease
The Apple Watch will get its settings from the iPhone.
Making custom fit adjustments simple and on the fly.
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Honey Pi (Beta)
$ 0
* All settings
No Nag Alerts
*Tester Feedback Required
Pi in the Sky (Hive)
$ 3.99
All settings
No Nag Alerts


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[1] Requires iPhone & Apple Watch paired together
** Tested exclusively with ios 11,12, 13 & 14 ; watchOS version 2.0-7.1 **
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